Basic Exercises To Relieve Shoulder Pain

How many times in your life have you put your hand up to the opposite shoulder and rubbed it in an effort to relieve the pain and aching?

There cannot be many of us who haven’t at times had such severe stress in our shoulders that all we want is a massage.

Unfortunately a massage is not the usual available option so the next best thing to do is exercise specifically targeted to ease those aching shoulders and the way is to stretch.

Shoulder stretching is the easiest of all the stretching exercises.

When you get out of bed in the morning and while the kettle is boiling for your first cup of tea or coffee simply do a few of the following simple shoulder stretches exercises.

The Advantages of Shoulder Stretches

  • Helps you to gain good posture
  • Is beneficial for sportsmen or women
  • An excellent antidote to spending long hours sitting hunched up over a computer, which more and more of us do
  • Feels good
  • Loosens you up for the day ahead
  • Perfect exercise as you age

Please note that frozen shoulder can come on after a period of disuse of the arm



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