The Key Is Carbohydrates

Eggs and bacon The difficulty with most diets is that they are boring and leave you still hungry after each meal.

But if you could enjoy a nice big steak followed by ice cream for dinner, a plate full of bacon and eggs for breakfast, and still expect to take off weight then dieting would probably not be a hardship for you.

The good news is that this is possible according to some up to date medical research and with no detrimental side effects.

What, No Carbs?

Apparently when you eat carbohydrates they create insulin, which then produces, fat. So, a diet of both fatty foods and carbohydrates produces an extra lot of fat that the body has to burn away or the pounds pile on.

So if this sounds familiar, think of the much-maligned Atkins Diet that simply avoids carbohydrates and recommends foods rich in proteins and fats.

So avoid bread and cereals for breakfast and get stuck into the eggs and bacon.

Other foods rich in carbohydrates to avoid for the rest of the day include sugar, cakes and puddings, pasta, beans, bananas, dates, prunes, raisins, potatoes, and many more.

However, even the Atkins Diet  does not mean ‘No Carb’ but ‘Low Carb’.

Two things worth bearing in mind, athletes need carbohydrates to give them energy boosts and are the main energy source for the human body, also many carbohydrates are high in soluble and non soluble fibres that are considered essential to maintain a healthy digestive system.



Always take medical advice before embarking on any strict dietary regime but sensible dieting for a limited period should help shed weight and there does seem to be some medical research to back up the Atkins way.

Whatever diet takes your fancy; just remember that to make it really work requires some exercise.

Being a couch potato on the strictest diet is not going to give you a body that makes you proud.



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  1. Enrique says:

    True, Carbohydrates are very important part of your diet, for a healthy body and to maintain or lose weight. Carbohydrates spare muscle, the more firm muscle you have the more fat you burn.

    The problem with all this diets has been that it’s all about making money. We need to increase carbohydrates with higher fiber content. Fiber helps to stabilize your sugar levels, helps you feel fuller (no cravings) and help you be regular in the bathroom.

    Avoid empty carbohydrates, sodas, white bread, cookies, etc…

  2. tongyun says:

    Ok, if eating carbs is the problem with the American diet, why aren’t there more obese people in countries where they eat a lot of rice and pasta? I’m thinking of Asian countries specifically. The key isn’t to eliminate carbs completely, but to have a balanced diet consisting of carbs, vegetables, fruits, grains and a little meat.

  3. You says:

    have you tried calorie-counting? My mom is a dbaietic and needs to loose major pounds… her Dr. suggested calorie-counting (it’s been three months and she has lost 40 pounds!!)… search calorie counters on google (or yahoo) and you can type in a food… and it will give you the amount of calories in that food! I would suggest cutting your calorie intake down to a maximum of 1500 calories per day… it isn’t easy… but tell yourself ‘this is a lifestyle choice’. also record your calories on a notebook or computer… it will help you!GOOD LUCK! Was this answer helpful?

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