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We all know about counting the calories when it comes to losing weight but it is a common misconception that just avoiding foods with a high calorie count and cutting back on quantity is the answer to losing weight.

Before starting a really effective weight loss plan first note down your waist, hips, thigh and your chest measurements.

Most scales will only show your weight which may not be altering although your body is looking trimmer and your muscle tone is improving. Comparing your measurements is one of the best ways to encourage yourself to keep up your training plan.

No weight loss training program is likely to be successful without establishing a good dietary regime.

The best foods to eat are those that can give you that full up feeling for as long as possible, even though they may contain more calories than other alternatives.

For example starting the day with a bowl of fiber rich whole grains, porridge, fat free proteins or fruit will last you a lot longer before those hunger pangs kick in than, say, a bar of chocolate even though it will have far less calories.

Eating too few calories, and cutting out meals is not the way to go to achieve a healthy, trim body. The effect will be to hasten muscle loss that in turn will diminish your ability to exercise and your body tone will deteriorate.

Aim for a healthy balance in your daily calorie intake.

For example women engaged in normal day to day activities should aim at about 1200-1300 calories each day as below 1200 can lead to those negative problems.

Do not be tempted to cut out regular meals during the day in the belief that a large meal in the evening will help with weight loss. It will not! The consequences are that the metabolism slows leading to the body storing fat for the future.

Stick to small regular meals morning, midday and evening and a couple of between meal snacks or after exercising are OK. It is not how much you eat but what you eat that’s important.

A healthy weight loss diet should consist of an average portion of omega 3 rich protein, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Juicing for instant vitamin and minerals can give added interest to your diet.

There are a large variety of exercises that combine with a dietary regime to make your weight loss training plan effective. Your choice of workouts will depend upon age, fitness, any disabilities and whether you can get to gym regularly or exercise at home.

The most all-purpose, easy start exercise for keeping fit and losing weight is running. Apart from suitable footwear no equipment is needed and the duration and speed is up to the individual.

A typical ten minute run will burn off between 100 and 150 calories and the same again for each further ten minute period.



It is important not to run yourself to the point of exhaustion, particularly if new to exercising and losing weight. Regularity is the key, keep with a plan that fits in with your lifestyle and gradually increase the speed and the duration of your run.

Of course there are many other workout routines that will help with weight loss that can be fitted in with your regular run, or even replace it, but running makes for an easy start to a weight loss plan.

It is not a bad idea to give yourself a days` break every two to three weeks to enjoy your favorite foods, no matter what their calorie count is and a rest from exercising. It will help break any tedium and give renewed enthusiasm to keep to that all important weight loss regime.



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